Preparing to Leave

T-12 days

My porch looks like Sanford and Son. It’s amazing how much crap I was able to cram into a studio apartment over the last 10 years. I’m trying to get rid of as much as possible without going back to barren student status when I return. Thanks to my wonderful Orange County friend who bought a house that’s too big, she’ll be “leasing” my furniture while I’m gone… which is to say she’s graciously saving me storage fees, and in return, can jump on the couch and put her feet on the coffee table to her heart’s content. Just remember, Sheila, you break it, you buy it- ha 😉

My porch

My porch- getting ready to donate stuff and make room for boxes!

It’s curious how many purses and hats one person needs; especially when said person never wears hats and uses the same purse everyday. I’m just hoping this clown car of an apartment empties before next Friday (eight days from now) when the movers arrive at 8:30am. Another shout-out goes to my sister Joanne who is braving this ridiculous heat to come up tomorrow and help me pack. She’s bringing newspaper, plastic bins and another fan! Just as suspected, it finally got hot here in LA. July and August were really mild- chilly, even- and of course the heat comes as I leave my air-conditioned work office and have to pack up my apartment. I’m on the westside, so it isn’t triple digits, but my place sucks in the heat and doesn’t let go. It’s my little hotbox tree house, but I just say it’s preparation for India to make myself feel better. Actually, I’ve been saying that a lot lately… like when I was at the LA Times Taste event last weekend and used a pretty horrible porta-potty. “Training for India!” I proclaimed as I stumbled out with my nose pinched.

Getting my fill of LA fare at Los Angeles Times 'The Taste' festival.

Getting my fill of LA fare at Los Angeles Times ‘The Taste’ festival.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive packing day. Today I just got rid of stuff, which is good as that purging needed to happen. And I’m frantically making purchases. I placed one yesterday and one today, as I’m running out of time for the free shipping! No doubt I’ll think of more, but today is pretty much the cut-off. On the upside, they have in India! I hope they sell Pepto by the metric ton.


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