The Old City of Granada

San Francisco Church- Granada

After my Nicaragua initiation, I spent a day in Managua getting a SIM card for my phone and discovering quesillos before setting off for the colonial town of Granada. Let’s pause on quesillos first, though, shall we? It’s a tortilla wrapped around blocks of soft cheese, pickled onions and warm crema. The crema slightly melts the cheese and creates a pool at the bottom of the baggie holding device, which apparently you’re supposed to slurp at the end. It’s fatty, salty, creamy goodness. I mean, cream on top of cheese with a punch of sour from the onions- what could be better? I fell in love immediately. Fortunately there were two shops across the street from the elusive Backpackers Manuhuac that sold quesillos.
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Welcome to Latin America… or Not

Colorful buildings- Nicaragua

My Latin American initiation was shockingly similar to that of Asia. I was forgotten at the airport. Again. In the middle of the night. Again. Apparently this is an epidemic that spans continents.

After leaving Hong Kong I stopped home in LA to eat Mexican food, pack some new clothes, gobble down a few insanely delicious home-cooked meals, scare the bejesus out of a friend by showing up at a restaurant when he thought I was still in Asia, drink wine, have an In-N-Out burger and eat more Mexican food. Then back to LAX I went, on my way to Nicaragua with a 15-hour layover in Fort Lauderdale. I had never been to Miami, so I decided to rent a car and explore the city for the day. I was happily upgraded to a convertible, and headed straight for South Beach where I ate a Cuban sandwich, sat on the beach, had a humongous mojito at a bar on Ocean Drive and savored a salad with fresh conch. Little did I know these comforts would have to sustain me for the next 24 hours. Continue reading